Truth About The Scale

The main question is “what are your goals?”  Trying to fit into your old jeans?  Looking lean? Having toned arms? Having a six pack?  Whatever your goal may be, looking at the scale alone does not do you much justice.  You’ll be consistently frustrated and upset if you don’t see a huge change in the numbers on the scale. So what’s the truth about the scale?

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In truth, the numbers on the scale can be misleading.


In truth, the numbers on the scale can be misleading.  For example, noticing a 2 pound (lbs.) loss on the scale can actually mean that you’ve lost 10lbs. of fat and gained 8lbs. muscle OR that you’ve lost 4lbs. fat and gained 2lbs. muscle OR that you’ve lost 5lbs. and it was all muscle loss and not the fat loss you were looking for. In the last case, your skin may look looser and a bit more flabby than usual.  Also, your weight can be the same numerically on the scale, but your body fat was reduced in the process.  In this case, you may have lost 10lbs. of fat and gained 10lbs. muscle, but your pants feel looser and you’re seeing more muscle definition.

The questions you should be asking yourself whether you numerically gain or lose weight according to the scale relates to how YOU feel.  How do my clothes fit? What is my energy level? How is my confidence?  Ask yourself those questions and you may have a better feel for what is really happening with your body.

So, after reading what you just read, you’re probably wondering “why is this so?”  Essentially, fat takes up more space then muscle.  What weighs more; 100lbs. of bricks or 100lbs. of feathers?  They’re EQUAL.  The only difference is that it takes a much higher quantity of the feathers to equal the bricks. For instance, one brick equals 5lbs. (your muscle) and one normal size pillow weighs 1lb. (your fat).  So, 20 bricks will equal 100lbs and 100 pillows will equal 100lbs.  Ask yourself this, what would you rather look like, bricks or pillows?

Now, if you’re looking to tone up, pick up the weights and don’t be afraid of bulking up.  You won’t.  You’ll burn more calories and spike up your metabolism.  The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn. It’s that simple.  If you’re trying to get those toned arms, you need to pick up the weights and not just focus on doing cardio only. Focusing strictly on cardio will turn your body into skinny fat, which tends to have the same soft and untoned look as someone that doesn’t exercise or take care of themselves at all.

So, next time you hop on the scale; think about the questions I mentioned before and also ask yourself if you’ve been eating clean, lifting weights, and/or doing cardio with some extra exertion?  Using this thought process and mental evaluation will allow you to better judge how you feel with your results.  It’s also a good idea to get your body fat measured as a baseline and for future comparison.  Ask a trainer, and they’ll be glad to help.

If you have any other questions, feel free to give me a shout!

Stay healthy and stay fit!