Top 12 Foods That Will Help Burn Fat

Here are the top 12 foods that will help burn fat in some way. Incorporate this to your daily eating and notice a difference. Each one of the following fat burning foods is clinically proven to promote weight loss. These incredible fat burning foods can suppress your appetite for junk food

How to Turn Healthy Choices into your Lifestyle

Incorporating healthy choices into your daily routine does not have to be a difficult task on your end, all you need is determination and proper planning to see your goals through. It may seem as though when you are on the quest of creating healthy habits, everything “bad” for you jumps right into your lap. Here are a few ways to incorporate healthy choices into your lifestyle that will soon become a force of habit.

Steps to a Lifestyle Change

If you are trying to lose weight, eat healthy, or just change your routine, follow these 5 steps to a lifestyle change. Break your bad habits by choosing one out of the five and focus on it for the next […]

Truth about the Scale

Truth About The Scale

In truth, the numbers on the scale can be misleading. What weighs more; 100lbs. of bricks or 100lbs. of feathers? They’re EQUAL. The only difference is that it takes a much higher quantity of the feathers to equal the bricks.

Travel fi

7 Travel Fit tips

Many people are faced with lots of traveling during the holiday season. Our health and fitness is usually jeopardized based on poor food choices at the airport and lots of sitting around. We tend to indulge, spend a lot of money, and feel guilty about it. Here are my 7 tips for making the right choices while traveling and staying fit.

Battle Your Mental Game

Battle Your Mental Game

Your goals in life are controlled by YOU! We’re in control of ourselves and our actions, as we tell our brain what we WANT to do. The problem is that we frequently allow the brain to control us. It’s a mental game and battle.

Strong Vegan

How To Be A Successful Strong Vegan

I have come across a lot of people that said I “USED” to be vegan, but they switched back for various reasons. It may be because they gained weight, lost muscle, or some other explanation. I made the lifestyle change to become a strong vegan and have been successful.

Grocery shopping tips

6 Tips On How To Grocery Shop Smart

The trick to saving money and losing weight is to first learn how to fill your shopping cart the right way. Your kitchen also acts as your gym so it’s important to make sure you shop smart and have the right foods to get healthy and reach your goals.

tips for vegan meal prep

4 Tips to Make Meal Prepping Easy

If you want to see changes, you need to take the time and vegan meal prep! If you meal prep for the week, you are less likely to spend money on fast food joints or at restaurants. So why not spend $30 for a weeks worth of groceries vs spending $30 for dinner of two.