Battle Your Mental Game

What’s your goal for this week, next month, next 6 months, or even this year?  Close your eyes and picture how you want to look physically? Why don’t you look the way you want to? What can you do about it? You want to look better and be healthier in general, right? It’s time to battle your mental game!

Let’s follow up to these questions and thoughts. WHAT’S STOPPING YOU?

Battle your mental game

Your goals in life are controlled by YOU!  We’re in control of ourselves and our actions, as we tell our brain what we WANT to do.  The problem is that we frequently allow the brain to control us.  It’s a mental game and battle.  At times, our mentality is what stops us from accomplishing goals or completely finishing what we originally intended to do.  Imagine that you are running a race against your brain; are you going to let it win so easily? No, you want to beat it and win convincingly.  Think of it another way; did you like when your parents told you what to do when you were a bit younger? No, you wanted to be independent and in control of your own decisions.

This same philosophy and mentality can be applied when thinking about eating food and exercising.  When we crave sweets, pizza, junk food, etc.; ask yourself do you really want it or need it? Are you just bored?  Are you sitting around with nothing else to occupy your time with?  You can easily curb your urges and temptations and prevent your brain from winning that race and controlling you.  Start with small things. Drink a full glass of water, without a break.  Begin moving.  Be distracted and ask yourself again; do you want it?  When we see something or smell something that stimulates our attention, our senses send signals to the brain that can trick us into thinking that we really want or need what grabs our attention.  It’s your brain talking; he’s the villain.  Remember, beat your own battle and fight the urges. Win the race. Never lose!

Next time you’re afraid of trying something or think you can’t finish the last couple reps, challenge yourself.  Tell yourself YOU CAN!  You’ll never know if you don’t try and if you don’t push yourself to challenge your mentality of given in.  Be strong! When you set goals and actually accomplish what you set out to do, it’s the greatest feeling in the world, and it’s contagious!  You feel like you’re on the top of the world or winning the greatest challenge you could face.  Knowing you can beat your own mental game is an amazing confidence builder and can really spark a change in your life, both with physical exercise and with your dietary habits.  Plus, once you get the hang of overcoming the challenges, it eventually becomes routine.

Stop wondering how you could look in a perfect world, or what you should’ve or could’ve done to be better at whatever you’re doing. And, most of all, stop questioning yourself.  Don’t continue to look in the rearview mirror, but concentrate more on moving forward positively.  As they say, hindsight is 20/20, but it’s more stressful and time consuming thinning about what we could’ve done differently in the past rather than just moving forward on a positive note, changing your mentality, and actually doing it.

Challenge yourself, push yourself.  Make a difference.  It’s YOUR LIFE!

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